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Your Washington, DC, Chimney Masonry Repair Specialist

In the depths of winter, your fireplace is a mainstay of warmth and comfort. Before the bad weather sinks in its teeth, it’s a good idea to get your chimney and fireplace inspected. Allow 301Chimney to prepare your home for the worst weather and give us a call. We’re experts on chimney masonry repair in Washington, DC, and the surrounding area.

Stop Cracks in Their Tracks

Aside from the esthetic value of having a beautiful chimney, there are dangers associated with damaged or neglected masonry. When the mortar or bricks start to crack, water can seep in, and when it freezes, the water expands to cause further issues with the masonry. If nothing is done, pieces of brick can fall with no warning, and the chimney structure may be compromised.

It’s best not to take chances on the safety of your home and family; call us in right away if you notice loose, broken, or cracked masonry in your chimney stack. We’ll be right out to assess the damage, make suggestions, and complete the repairs.

Expert Assistance

Chimney masonry repair should only be completed by a professional team with experience working on a wide variety of chimney styles. We’ll help keep your fireplace and chimney in great condition so you can feel confident keeping the home fires burning.