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Thorough Chimney Inspections for Washington, DC

Stay safe with inspections by the experts at 301Chimney. We examine your chimney inside and out to ensure it is compliant with local building codes, determine whether any improvements should be made, and—most importantly—check whether it is safe to use.

We follow the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, so you can rest assured we’ll deliver the answers you need when you choose us for a chimney inspection in Washington, DC. Level one, two, and three inspections are available to meet your needs:

  • Level One: We examine all the readily accessible areas of your chimney, meaning no doors or coverings need to be removed.
  • Level Two: Our inspector examines everything that can be reasonably checked without altering the chimney.
  • Level Three: Portions of your chimney may be removed for an in-depth examination; this type of chimney inspection is typically only done when repairs or replacements are already necessary.

When to Get Your Chimney Inspected

Experts recommend that you have your chimney inspected annually for safety concerns. They are often also required when a property is changing hands. If you recently had a fire or accident involving your chimney, it will need to be inspected then as well. To learn more about our chimney inspection services and when to schedule a visit from our team, contact us.