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Professional Chimney Service Throughout the DC Region

A chimney is an integral part of your home, and it should be treated with the same attention as other components. Sometimes, though, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind. At 301Chimney, we encourage all homeowners not to overlook theirs when it comes to maintenance and repairs. As a professional chimney service that serves customers throughout the Metro DC region, we offer a range of solutions.

Chimney Cleaning

Whether you haven’t used your chimney in a long time or have purchased a home and don’t know the chimney’s maintenance history, it’s best to request a chimney cleaning before you light the logs for a cozy evening. Build-up inside the structure can create a fire hazard that has resulted in tragedy for many homes across the nation.

A professional chimney cleaning will remove the soot and creosote residue from the inside of the flue. While most people understand that soot is a byproduct of burning wood, many don’t realize that creosote is a thick oily substance that remains flammable. The accumulation of both materials creates conditions ideal for chimney fires. Heat and sparks travel up the chimney, and if the conditions are right, combustion can occur inside the flue. The reality is that the cheerful comfort of a roaring fire could destroy your home.

Regular chimney cleaning and inspections are essential to protect your house and family. Fire is a serious threat to any home, and it’s always worth taking the time to reduce the risk. You probably love having a fireplace, and when you take care of it, it will take care of you.

Chimney Inspections

You can rely on us for chimney inspection services, which may reveal the need for chimney relining. It’s best to pay close attention to yours so it functions as it should by allowing smoke and fumes from the heating system to escape into the outside. We not only take care of the interior of your chimney, but we also provide masonry repairs. We can examine and upgrade the brickwork on your flue as well as fix any other concrete or stone surfaces that need attention.

Regardless of what issue you may have with your chimney, we can handle it. If you are experiencing water or smoke leaks in your home, believe you have a pest living in your chimney, or want a prefabricated fireplace installed, we are ready to serve you.