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Keep Animal Intruders Out of Your Home with Virginia Chimney Service

For many critters, chimneys are small, cozy, and safe places to shack up during cold weather. However, the presence of an animal in your chimney is a hazard in more ways than one. Even if you feel sorry for your furry visitor, it’s in your best interest (and his) to ensure he never gets a chance to settle down.

Turn to 301Chimney, a locally trusted Virginia chimney service, to learn how we can help prevent animals from taking refuge in your fireplace area. Our team has the tools and experience needed to resolve chimney issues of all kinds. Reach out today to request our assistance with a problem, or to learn how we can help you take preventative measures against unwelcome animal tenants.

When to Watch Out for Chimney Invaders

It’s no surprise that birds, squirrels, and other small animals love making their homes in chimneys. After all, chimneys offer shelter, warmth, and quiet, especially in the colder seasons. Unfortunately, this is no good for you and your family – once you light your first fire of the winter, any animals nesting in your chimney will react quickly and chaotically.

Depend on our Virginia chimney service to prevent this very situation. With regular cleaning from our team, it’s easy to stop animals from creating nests of any kind. We clear away the beginnings of any nests they may have started, as well as built-up soot and debris, all of which are common fire hazards. Rest easy knowing you’ll be able to start a cozy fire in your fireplace any time, without any worry.

Preventing Fires & Other Accidents

Regular chimney cleaning is the best way to discourage animals from settling down in your chimney. However, cleaning is important for many other reasons, as well.

For example, did you know that any wood burned in your fireplace leaves behind a harmful residue in your chimney? This residue becomes creosote over time, a dangerous substance that catches fire easily. Our Virginia chimney service removes soot and any traces of creosote, along with the pieces of animal nests, every time we visit for a cleaning session.

Contact our Virginia chimney service to learn how we deal with furry and feathered invaders in your chimney. We serve homeowners throughout the states of Virginia and Maryland and the Washington D.C. area.