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A damper is an important tool when it comes to operating your fireplace effectively and efficiently. Without a damper (or with a broken damper), you have much less control of the airflow in your fireplace, which is one of the cornerstones of successful fire-making. To achieve the best fires and optimal heating capacity, you must use a damper installed by an expert. Depend on 301Chimney for the best damper installation in Washington, DC. We know everything there is to know about chimney caps and dampers, and we love putting this knowledge to work for our clients. We simply want to help you get maximum enjoyment from your fireplace.

The Importance of a Chimney Cap & Damper

There are many reasons you should talk to us about scheduling a chimney cap and damper installation. Aside from the esthetics of a beautiful chimney cap topping off your roofline, they offer several benefits to your home:

Staying Dry

Primarily, chimney caps offer protection from water. Rain and snow are notorious for sending water down a chimney. Over time, the damage can cause issues for the damper and potentially your home.

Keeping Out Critters

Chimney caps that have mesh siding also prevent animals from entering your home. Animals like birds and squirrels can make their way down the chimney and get stuck or end up inside your house.

Stopping Sparks

The wire mesh also serves another purpose. It can act as a spark deflector, which will help prevent your roof and other surfaces from catching fire.

Stopping Downdrafts

Without a chimney cap, a brisk wind can cause a downdraft, which could send sparks, smoke, and debris into your home if the fire is lit. Aside from the danger of combustion, it can create a significant mess and blow cold air into the room.

Ultimately, your chimney cap and damper are a worthwhile investment that protects you and your home.

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