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5 Reasons to Have a Chimney Inspection in Virginia

A chimney is a charming feature of a home that helps create warmth through cozy fires. Although they are a beautiful addition to your house, they require regular cleanings and inspections to ensure the safety of your building and loved ones. There are many reasons to have a chimney inspection in Virginia, but 301 Chimney will emphasize the five top reasons below.

 Our chimney inspection in Virginia will check your liner in your chimney, otherwise known as the flue, for any indication of deterioration. Such corrosion and cracks could result in damage by exposing your home to loose embers and heat that could cause a dangerous fire.

 At 301 Chimney, we understand the importance of proper masonry and brick when it comes to the integrity of your chimney. During your regular chimney inspection in Virginia, our specialists will complete a thorough examination of the surrounding bricks to ensure your chimney is safe and stable. After many years, due to heating and weather, the masonry of your roof and chimney could corrode and crack, resulting in an unsound structure.

 A regular chimney inspection in Virginia safeguards your chimney from harmful debris and creosote. Accumulated creosote can lead to dangerous chimney fires which is why it is important to ensure your chimney is clean at all times.

 Often if your chimney is not covered with a chimney cap, animals such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, and other critters, can enter your home through your chimney. It is imperative that your chimney is examined through an inspection to remove dead animals and their nests to remove disgusting smells and remains.

 Also, a chimney cap is also required to help protect your flue from unwanted water. Our chimney inspection in Virginia examines your vent for water damage that could result in harmful mold growth. We will check the condition of your chimney cap and mesh to ensure your flue is properly covered from the outside world.

 At 301 Chimney, we strive to educate and help our customers with all their chimney needs. Contact our knowledgeable staff at (301) 699-6050 if you are interested in learning more about our affordable chimney services and masonry repairs.